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Work at home because you love it

Work at home because you love it

Work at home, you love work at home
Work at home because you love work at home

As an outplacement consultant, I have among others coached Sven. He cleared college with a degree in Accounting. His girlfriend at the time (now his wife) and Sven decided to pursue something that none of their college mates had tried before. They agreed to dedicate one full year after graduation to work from home then review their progress to decide whether they would want to go for formal employment after being at it for one year.

This one decision (giving it one year) is perhaps the one thing that kept them going throughout their first year in working from home. They knew they had an entire year to make mistakes then decide which path they would want to follow in life. They made many mistakes in the process, and if they were not committed to doing it for one year, they would have probably given up and pursued formal employment. They saw many classmates try it just to get some cash to pay rent, but they were actively looking for jobs (which is not bad). None of them is working from home today, but many of them wish they could be working from home now. They wasted the opportunities that were at hand at the time.

Do not do it because you are job workless

Similarly, if you are going to commit to work from home, don’t do it because you are job workless. Do it because you love to do it. It may be tough to do it with dedication at the start, but I can assure you that it gets easier with time once you get used to it. Working from home does become a habit when you do it long enough. Do not think “I can always go back to formal employment if things don’t work out,” If you do, you can be sure that you won’t go far.

What you need to do is to develop a forward ever, backward never attitude. This attitude will push you to do everything possible to excel in your work at home business.


Now that you understand the possible pitfalls and solutions to such challenges, you should at this moment be a little bit more confident about working from home. To motivate you to get started, let’s discuss some reasons why you should consider working from home.